Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why create this page?

I started this page as a way to add more content to my stories on the sham cancer-stricken San Roman family, created via Facebook by an imposter from Doral. The stories published Oct. 7, 2012 in The Miami Herald's Tropical Life section.

There were so many incredible details that, for space reasons, could not be squeezed into the print version of the story. So you can read about them here.

I also hope that this page will serve as a portal for information on Facebook predators, plus scammers who troll the Internet claiming to have cancer. I’ll also post links to credible news accounts, as well as follow-up stories to the saga of Kevin and Lucas San Roman -- and the young woman who created them.

Also, I wanted to thank the Masters family for their willingness to share, on the record, such a sensitive story. As I spent the past month researching this tale, it quickly became clear that few families wanted to talk about their encounters with the San Roman family. But the Masters never wavered. They feel, as do I, that this story should be a learning lesson for people who place too much trust in the characters that populate Facebook and social media.

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