Thursday, October 11, 2012

Neiman reaction plus more stalking episodes

This week got a little crazy with the revelation that the "San Roman" family images were stolen from the Facebook pages of a Pittsburgh family. The Neimans have been very gracious in sharing their story -- and also very adamant that the girls in Miami are the true victims.

Noah, in sharing our story with his Facebook followers, posted this message:

"I hesitantly post the following story: I'm only doing so for the fact that it is a haunting reminder that we must be careful with the private material we so readily put at the public's disposal: I will clarify that I am not the victim; Mayb
e of identity theft, but that is not of concern. The families of the girls who were manipulated into thinking they were talking to someone they were not are. Please take a moment to read the story, and think twice before pouring every aspect of your life online. "

Stay tuned. I'm sure there will be more stories down the road.


I did want to share a couple more stalking incidents that I wasn't able to expand on earlier.

* The 22-year-old West Miami-Dade woman, who had an online romance with Kevin, told me about the time that she went out to a bachelorette party on South Beach. She never told Kevin where she was going -- but yet he began texting her exact details about her night. Cindy Choi, clearly, followed the girl to the bar. Kevin claimed he had gone there to meet her but left abruptly because he saw her interacting with another guy.

* Kaitlin Masters, who had a relationship with Kevin's younger brother Lucas, at one point received a disturbing photo from Lucas. It was a photo of the outside of the Masters' West Miami-Dade home. Lucas - of course, a creation of Cindy Choi - claimed that his older sister who lived in Sunny Isles had been in the area, passed by and took the photo.

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