Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kevin's strange stalking

There were a few more anecdotes that I could not fit into my print story.

Many of them come from the 22-year-old West Miami-Dade woman who struck up a romantic relationship with Kevin San Roman. When they first became Facebook friends, she saw that they shared over 60 “mutual friends.” The girl, who did not want her name used because she fears Cindy Choi, eventually stopped talking to “Kevin” because of several scary episodes.

The McFlurry episode – the first stalkeresque incident -- is detailed in my article. Among the other stories she shared:

* One night, she was studying at the Florida International University library. She walked to her car in the mostly empty parking garage when she noticed a strange car idling nearby.

Alarmed, she got into her car and drove off quickly. As she drove away, a text message arrived from Kevin.

It read something to this effect: “You should really be more careful walking to your car at night.” Kevin explained that he was in the area and was going to stop her to say hello, but she peeled out too quickly.

The girl scoffed. To prove it, Kevin described via text exactly what she was wearing.

The young woman told me that she never broadcast, on Facebook or otherwise, that she was at FIU. The only conclusion: Choi, AKA Kevin, had followed her from her home.

* On another occasion, the girl said, she finished studying at the FIU library, returned to her car and found it papered with hundreds of yellow post-it notes with various romantic messages.

* In September 2010, Kevin and his family were supposed to go to the Shakira concert at AmericanAirlines Arena. But when his platelet levels grew too low, Kevin had to stay home. His family, he claimed, nevertheless was to attend the show.

The girl and her family were also supposed to attend the concert, separately. While at the show, Kevin sent her a text describing a family member sitting in a certain section on the floor seats.

Looking back, the girl and her family realized, Choi must have been at the show and picked out a random person out of the crowd to make believe his family was in the arena.

Choi's private Facebook page shows that on Sept. 27, 2010, the day of the concert, Choi posted the following from her mobile phone: “Shakira :)))))”

Certainly, it seems Choi indeed attended the concert.

* Toward the end of their relationship, Kevin called the girl at work. Her phone’s caller ID showed an odd name: Cindy Choi.

When the girl asked her about the name, Kevin claimed that his phone was registered to his aunt.

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